Grow Your Revenues


New Markets

Businesses are often faced with the dilemma of breaking into new “white-spaces” and adjacencies.  Once a potential market is identified, firms tend to over-use “legacy business execution models” without giving sufficient thought to game changing events and risk mitigation factors – “it eventually leads them into a chasm”.  Our business advisors constantly assess and analyze new markets to help accelerate revenues for your company.  We will develop, and harness your market development in emerging markets, vertical industries and categories to improve your business performance.

New Ventures

Our new ventures pillar focuses on exploring organic and inorganic approach to re-energizing your strategic growth initiatives.  We will review your current inorganic growth by assessing mergers & acquisitions (M&A), joint ventures, strategic alliances, channels distribution, and partner ecosystem.  Agile marketplace interaction techniques are used to ensure you are at the forefront of market and technology disruptions, and stay ahead of your competition.  We will build collaborations with innovation centers, centers of excellence, venture capitalists (VCs) and private equity (PE) to create the step-change for success.



New Investments

Most mid-size companies have limited access to growth funds.  We network into sovereign funds, infrastructure development funds, international banks, investment firms, family offices, and private equity (PE) to speed-up your strategic initiatives accelerating your business performance.  We pride ourselves as the un-private equity - that is making a global impact by sourcing alternative investments for your growth.

New Technologies

Innovative new technology is rapidly disrupting the market place.  The rate of disruption is evenly poised with the time to market of new technologies.  Our ongoing collaborations with global innovators and emerging technology think tanks will enable your company to stay at the forefront of technology disruptions, and assist you to integrate these technologies rapidly as part of your growth initiatives.  Our team has broad and in-depth experience in IoT, social, mobile, analytics, and cloud (SMAC) computing to drive business innovation.


TVI Global develops and executes growth plans that solve complex global business and market development issues.